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Igniting Vitality in Mind, Body, and Spirit

Practical Techniques for Healing the Body, Refocusing the Mind, and Empowering Human Spirit


This workshop is about you, your self-care, and your emotional wellbeing.  Spend a morning with licensed psychologist Dr. Heidi Kopacek and master a mind-body-spirit approach to creating inner vitality and calm.  Examine in-the-heat-of-the-moment techniques for reducing the impact of stress on the body and learn how this changes our emotional state not just a little, but a lot.  Study innovative and fun-to-implement ways, based on the principles of mindfulness, to quiet anxious thinking and improve energy, focus, and attention.  Discover perspective-shifting techniques that awaken your highest self and connect you to your deeper values and inner strength.  Take away a formula for emotional health that can be applied to your most challenging or hectic days.

Learning Objectives

  • What negative emotions are, why we have them, and what we are, by design, meant to do with them

  • The four primary sources of stress and how to tend to them using mind, body, and human spirit

  • Fast-acting, in-the-moment, techniques to shift the body from the sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system during stressful moments

  • Easy-to-implement practices for maintaining mental ease and focus

  • High mileage perspective-shifting strategies to ignite your highest self and awaken your values, strength, and passion

Guest Instructor Info

Heidi Kopacek, PsyD, LP

Heidi Kopacek is a licensed psychologist who practices a holistic approach to emotional health. Her integrative mind-body-spirit therapy focuses on soothing and healing the body, challenging the fear of the mind, and helping her client’s live in a way that wakes up their deeper sense of joy and purpose in life. Author of the book: Soothe: Your Mind Body Spirit Guide for Dealing with Crappy Emotions, Dr. Kopacek has travelled and taught on mindfulness, yoga, and a whole health approach to resilience.

Board Accreditation

MN Board of Social Work
     2.0 CEUs   (CEP-275)

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