Managing Ethical Dilemmas

Choosing the best (or least wrong) path when faced with a difficult dilemma


Ethical decision making requires a higher level of thinking than adopting the legal minimum requirement. In the helping professions, practitioners are often faced with situations where there is no clear right answer. In addition, these situations are interpersonal and can affect the people receiving services very seriously as well as the professional. In such cases it is helpful to have a framework for understanding and resolving the dilemma, rather than making up a response based on instinct or gut feeling. This class introduces and practices such a framework through case study examples.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize that not all situations have a right and wrong answer

  • Develop a framework for analyzing dilemmas

  • Identify relevant laws and codes of conduct

  • Articulate and document the reasoning behind decision making

  • Practice through case studies

Board Accreditation

MN Board of Social Work
     2.0 CEUs   (CEP-275)

MN Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy
     LADC: 2.0 CEUs (2020.CE.ADC.059)
     LPC/LPCC: 2.0 CEUs (2020.CE.094) 

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