Boundaries and Ethics in Supervision

Manage complex ethical and boundary issues in a supervisory role


Many workers feel a deep connection to the mission of the work and the lived experiences of their clients. As such, managing the boundary between personal feelings and professional requirements is sometimes a complex and confusing challenge. Leaders are not immune to this dynamic and are additionally tasked with managing their own boundaries with supervisees, as well as modeling and coaching supervisees on maintaining appropriate and effective boundaries with others. Recognizing and determining appropriate boundaries in relationships requires an awareness of the influence of culture and value systems. This class provides a framework for addressing complex ethical dilemmas that often arise in supervisory situations and will assist supervisors in using a self-aware and grounded approach to addressing conflicts of interest and boundary issues in the workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore different ideas and values about ethical dilemmas

  • Examine biases and reactions when faced with challenging ethical issues

  • Practice using a decision making framework

  • Strategies for challenging conversations

Board Accreditation

As these courses are conducted via our live, interactive platform, the following boards approve these the same as in person classes:

MN Board of Social Work
     2.0 CEUs   (CEP-275)

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