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Compassion Fatigue

How to combat the loss of empathy


Compassion fatigue is a general term that describes the chronic and cumulative effect of different stresses at work and how it negatively impacts one’s ability to be effective with clients in helping professions. Most of the research focuses on self-care practices like mindfulness or physical exercise to re-energize workers and help them cope with the stress of their workplace. While this is helpful advice, this can add to a worker’s burden by giving them more to do in their already busy day, and can even affect them negatively if they hear that they are not doing enough to properly attend to their mental and physical health. This class explores the nature of compassion satisfaction, and offers strategies for cultivating resilience and compassion satisfaction that are both self-care and team-care oriented. 

Learning Objectives

  • Revisit the nature of a calling to a helping profession

  • Define compassion satisfaction

  • Discern the nature of team care

  • Recognize signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue

  • Build resilience skills to improve compassion satisfaction and increase resilience

  • Balance self-care versus team care

Board Accreditation

MN Board of Social Work
     3.0 CEUs   (CEP-275)

MN Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy   
     LADC: 3.0 CEUs (2020.CE.ADC.051)

     LPC/LPCC: 3.0 CEUs (2020.CE.086)