Borderline Personality Disorder

An effective form of communication to discuss distress with someone with borderline personality disorder


Even among the mental health community borderline personality disorder is a heavily stigmatized disorder because the person can often be perceived as unpredictable and confusing. One day they may appear ready for treatment and change, and the next they may reject it and everything related to it. This leaves many providers feeling frustrated and stuck and the person feeling misunderstood. However, a solid understanding of the roots of this disorder can help a provider develop a careful approach, good boundaries, and skillful communication that is required to help. This class focuses on these elements and works through a communication protocol to help with difficult conversations.

Learning Objectives

  • Define borderline psychology and the diagnostic criteria

  • Assess attitudes about working with individuals with the disorder

  • Explore causes and prevalence

  • Recognize typical characteristics and symptoms

  • Examine S.E.T. communication and apply it to case scenarios

Board Accreditation

As these courses are conducted via our live, interactive platform, the following boards approve these the same as in person classes:

MN Board of Social Work
     2.0 CEUs   (CEP-275)

MN Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy
     LADC: 2.0 CEUs (2020.CE.ADC.056)
     LPC/LPCC: 2.0 CEUs (2020.CE.091)

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